Registering and Titling your Vehicle

If you are new to Florida and need to register and title your vehicle, we have created a Military Registration Packet to provide you with the forms and instructions you will need.


We understand you may be in a different time zone which makes it difficult for you to contact us during our normal hours of operation. If this is the case, please feel free to email our Support Team at [email protected]

Florida Resident Military, Stationed Out-of-State

Each year our Florida resident military members who are stationed outside of Florida will need to provide the following documents each year before their registrations can be renewed: 

These documents can be emailed to our Support Team at [email protected]

Non-Resident Military Exemption

The State of Florida provides an exemption of the $225 Initial Registration Fee for any non-resident military service member. While it is not necessary for a non-resident service member, spouse or immediate family member to register their personal vehicle while the service member is stationed in the State of Florida on military orders, even if they have children in school in this state or the spouse or immediate family member becomes employed, they may choose to. The non-resident service member, spouse or immediate family member may choose to apply for a registration only or apply for a Florida title. Applying for a registration only would allow the vehicle to remain titled in the home state, but display a Florida license plate and registration. In order to be eligible for the exemption of the $225 Initial Registration Fee, the following must be presented:

  • A copy of the service member’s military orders which shows their assignment to a Florida military duty station
  • Out-of-state driver license
  • Proof of Florida insurance

A copy of the the non-resident service member’s military orders and out-of-state driver license will need to be presented for every license plate renewal.

Military Specific License Plates Available