DL/ID Card Fees

Driver License Fees

The following information is provided to assist in calculating the fees for a driver license or identification card transaction. A new photo is required any time a card is issued from a tax collector’s office. Please visit Document Requirements for acceptable identity documents for driver license and identification card issuance. If you need clarification or help determining your exact fees, please call our Customer Support Center at 850.248.8501.

Class E Driver License/ Identification Card Fees

Class E Driver License/ Identification Card Fees Estimated Fees
Original or Renewal Class E or Learner License $54.25
Original or Renewal Identification Card $31.25
Replacement Driver License or Identification Card $31.25
Upgrading from Learner License to Class E License (Learner License must be surrendered) $6.25
Updgrading from a Learner License to Class E License with name/address change $31.25
Add/Renew motorcycle endorsement $7.00
Late Fee $15.00

Commercial Driver License Fees

Commercial Driver License (CDL) Fees  Estimated Fees
Original or Renewal CDL $81.25
School System Employees (Proof of employment must be provided) $54.25
Endorsements (each endorsement) $7.00
Hazardous Material Application $91.00
Written Tests (including CDL test)- First attempt $6.25
Re-exam written tests $16.25
Replacement CDL $31.25
Updating DOT Medical Card or Changing Self-Certification Status $6.25
Upgrade Class E to previously held CDL $81.25
Downgrading CDL to Class E License with no changes $6.25
Downgrading CDL to Class E with changes $31.25
Late Fee $15.00

Stolen Driver License or Identification Cards

If your license or identification card is stolen we can replace the card for $6.25. However, you must submit a police report, victim’s rights card, or case number on an official police document indicating your license or identification card was stolen. We cannot accept a police report with the verbiage indicating the card was “lost”. Additionally, if you need to make any changes to the information that was on the stolen card the full $31.25 replacement fee is due.

Special Options for United States Veterans

100% Service-connected Disabled Veteran’s may present a card or letter from the Veteran’s Administration stating 100% service connected total and permanent disability to receive a discounted license or identification card.

To receive the Veteran designation you must be an honorably discharged US Veteran and provide a copy of your DD-214 or other approved document reflecting an honorable discharge. A retired military ID card (DD Form 2) may be used if you do not have a copy of your DD-214. Unfortunately, we cannot accept VA cards.

Veteran Designation Fees Payment Policies
Adding veteran designation to valid Florida ID or DL $0/with proper documents
100% service connected disabled veteran ID or Driver License $6.25/ with proper documents

License Testing Fees

License Testing Fees Estimated Fees
Written Tests (including CDL tests)- first attempt $6.25
Re-exam written tests $16.25
Driving Test- first attempt $6.25
Re-exam driving test $26.25

Reinstatement Fees

Customers who comply with requirements within the grace period before a sanction (suspension, revocation, or disqualification) becomes effective will only be charged the $6.25 office fee for clearance. Once a sanction goes into effect the following fees apply.

Please note: This is not a complete list of reinstatement fees. Customers who are unsure of which specific sanction is on their record and/or customers with multiple sanctions should call us or visit an office to get an accurate total of fees owed.

Reinstatement Fees Estimated  Fees
D-6 Suspensions (Unpaid tickets/fines) $66.25
Child Support Suspensions $66.25
Non-Compliance with school  attendance suspension $51.25
CDL Disqualifications $81.25
DUI Revocation $75.00
Administrative Fee (charged for each alcohol related event) $130.00
Financial Responsibility (Insurance Suspensions)  
First Offense within 3 years $156.25
Second Offense within 3 years $256.25
Third Offense within 3 years $506.25

Driving Records

Non-certified driving records (transcripts) are available for purchase through our offices. Certified driving records can be obtained through the Clerk of Courts Office.

Transcript Type Estimated  Fees
Three (3) year (non-certified) $14.25
Seven (7) year (non-certified) $16.25
Complete Record (non-certified) $16.25