Military Driver License

If your license is scheduled to expire when you are deployed or stationed outside Florida, the Tax Collector’s Office encourages you to renew before you deploy or move. Florida drivers may renew a license up to 18 months prior to the expiration date printed on the license.

Renew Online

You may renew your license by mail or online at MyDMV Portal one time between visits. In addition, you may order a replacement license at MyDMV Portal at anytime if your address changes or you lose your license. If your name changes while you are deployed or out-out-state, please contact our office for assistance.

If you do not have a gold circle with a star on your license, you are not yet Real ID compliant and will need to bring several documents in to renew your license. Once you present these documents, you will not have to provide them again.

Real ID Document Requirements required for a U.S. Citizen are:

One of the following to prove your identity:

  • Certified State Birth Certificate (Photocopies cannot be accepted.)
  • Valid U.S. passport or passport card
  • Certificate report of birth abroad
  • Certificate of Citizenship

One of the following documents to prove your Social Security number:

  • Social Security Card (the card must show your current name. Please get the name changed on your Social Security card before you come in to get a name changed on your driver license).
  • Typed W-2 form
  • Pay check showing number
  • SSA-1099
  • Non-SSA-1099

Proof of residential address (must present two of these documents):

  • Deed, mortgage, payment booklet, or rental agreement
  • Florida vehicle registration or title
  • Utility bill or hook-up/work order, not more than two months old
  • Florida Voter Registration Card

Documents to prove legal name change (Needed if current name differs from the one on your birth certificate.)

Original or certified copy of all marriage certificates or court order showing your name changes. Documents must link the name on your identity document (birth certificate) to your current legal name.

Non-U.S. Citizen: Document requirements are the same for Social Security number (if issued) and residential address.