Florida Motor Vehicle Registration


Residents operating their vehicles on Florida’s roadways must register these vehicles in the State of Florida.

Vehicle registrations may be obtained at the tax collector’s office. In order to receive a vehicle registration, you must have the following items:

  • A registration renewal notice or previously issued registration. If these are not available the title number or vehicle identification number may provide enough information.
  • Current proof of Florida property damage liability and personal injury protection insurance, including the insurance company’s name and policy number, are required on all motorized vehicles with four wheels.


Non-residents must register their vehicles in Florida within 10 days of the owner either becoming engaged in a trade or occupation, employed, placing children in public school or establishing residency.

Non-resident exemptions may be applied to college or university students who are in Florida for less than six months in an accredited work-study program recognized by the State of Florida, any non-resident enrolled as a full-time student in a Florida institution of higher learning, or to recreational vehicles not located in Florida for at least six consecutive months.